Olivier Bonin

Website: http://madnomadfilms.com
Director/Producer/Editor | San Francisco , USA

Born in France, Olivier Bonin showed an early interest in photography and film. He studied photography in San Francisco, where he found his way into filmmaking. Starting with short fictions, he quickly found a perfect symbiosis between his interest and knowledge in social movements and filmmaking in the documentary form. With his attendance to the Burning Man festival, he knew he had found a great subject combining film photography in such a beautiful environment, and a complicated human story of community building.


Olivier Bonin is born in France. Early on, he showed a great interest in Photography, and was an avid viewer of films. His studies first took him through a Master in Micro-Electronics that he completed in 1996 in Paris. But all along he practiced his photography during his free time, and documented many events dealing with social issues in the french capital. He used these experiments to strengthen his skills in photography as well as his understand of social and political issues. In 1998 he moved to San Francisco, where he attended the City College for Photography classes as well as film. Not very satisfied with the education he received, he decided to take his art to the real world. After a few small projects in short fictions, he decided to take his interest in social issues and photography to the next level. That's where he took on the making of "DUST & ILLUSIONS", a portray of the 20+ years old Burning Man event. He found the event to be particularly interesting for the underground spirit that imbued it early on, and turned into a large scale commercial enterprise with an apparent philosophy of community building. The journey took 4.5 years to complete and is sure to create waves of discussions throughout the large American fan base of the event. Olivier Bonin is now looking at several other documentaries subjects, while taking care of the post-production of "DUST & ILLUSIONS".

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